Cookie policy

Despite the name, it's not cookies we're talking about when we mention cookies. A cookie is the term for a small 'chunk' of data that websites store in the browser. Cookies are used to store data about the user - for example, a cookie can contain data about the user's settings or language preferences on a given website. A cookie is simply a small data file that can be stored by a website in your browser and is used by virtually all websites today.

Why do you inform about cookies?

All Danish websites are obliged to inform the user about the system's use of cookies. The user must therefore accept the website's use of cookies, as it is required by law to inform the user about this.

You can read more about the legislation and cookies on the Cookie Order. The Cookie Regulation

What cookies does Vendino use?

We use the following types of cookies:

Session cookie

The purpose of this cookie is to make the user unique so that the server knows that multiple requests come from different users. This cookie expires when the browser is closed.


This cookie acts as a safeguard to ensure that the server can always validate a request. An XSRF cookie is thus intended to protect the user against XSRF attacks. This cookie is renewed with every request and expires when the browser is closed.

Cookie consent

This cookie ensures that the website remembers when the user accepts cookies. This cookie expires after 365 days.

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