Product creation
done easier.

Vendino Platform

How Vendino helps with product creation

Save time on manual processes and avoid errors during product creation.


Turn files into a product catalogue

Do you have one or more files provided by your supplier, but you can't import them into your online shop? Then Vendino is the right solution for you!

  • Convert CSV, XML & JSON to product catalogue
  • Get more out of your product data
  • Avoid expensive developers

Create products with a few clicks

Why copy-paste your way to products in your online store? Let Vendino take care of product creation.

  • Save time
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Make more product data visible
  • Easily select products from the product catalogue
Discount day

Set up your own pricing rules

Optimise the prices in your online store to achieve competitiveness as well as a profitable business.

  • Automatic price adjustment
  • Set coverage rules
  • Create with standard recommended retail prices. retail prices
  • Achieve solid earnings

Are you ready to take your online shop to the next level?

Say goodbye to manual processes, CSV & XML files, pricing errors and everything else that makes life as an online shop owner cumbersome. Try Vendino for free.

  • Free sign-up - No credit card required.
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