Now you can retrieve your previous invoices in Vendino</trp-post-container

Now you can retrieve your previous invoices in Vendino




Have you forgotten to save an invoice we sent you by email?

How to retrieve previous invoices in Vendino

When you have dropshipping orders facilitated by Vendino, we will generally send you an email with an invoice when the goods have been dispatched from the supplier's warehouse. Recently, we have expanded the functionality so that you can also download invoices through the platform under order history. This saves you from rummaging through old emails and gives you a much better overview of your invoices.

Go to 'Order history' > Find the order you want to download the invoice for > Click 'Order details':

Click on the link to the attached invoice under 'Documents':

You can then download the invoice so you can upload it to your accounting software, send it to your bookkeeper or whatever you need to use the invoice for. 😁


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